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Kerry M. Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why EthoGrade?
A) Because emotional genetics are revealed in the emotional conformation of the horse.

Q) Why is a behavioral evaluation important if I'm an owner, breeder or purchaser?
A) Determining the Emotional Conformation of your horse, or the horse you are considering purchasing, breeding or schooling for the sales, is an important part of assessing the horse's potential by offering a foundation point from which to build upon. For the buyer it is a helpful tool that gives you the extra information you need to be responsible in purchasing your athlete. For the owner/agent it can be an important extra piece of information to have your horse graded emotionally prior to being for sale, offering the potential buyer more information and you a step ahead. For the owner/breeder evaluating your horses not only helps tremendously in mating decisions, having them graded may well determine selection choices when matings are proposed.

Q) How can this help me, the trainer or owner/trainer?
A) Not only does a behavioral evaluation give a point of reference on the psychological aspects of your equine athlete, it is a great starting point towards the shaping of the psyche as the horse enters his or her career. Knowing where the horse is physically is only half the picture, an understanding of where the horse is or isn't mentally, can help develop training protocols that nurture the mind to free the body; overcoming hold-ups that make your athlete an inconsistent performer. The management of stress and the building of confidence both elevate the potential and output, thus assuaging the stress levels of the athlete in training. You may build yourself a big shiny airplane, but you still need a great pilot to make the most of it. The mental capacity of the horse determines the physical output of the athlete.

Q) I am an owner who does a lot from within, from breeding my race horses to selling some and racing others. Can THT services help in all these areas?
A) Yes, absolutely. In fact this is the basis for all of THT. Not only can we help you select the best mates for your Sires and Mares with Emotional Conformation, adding great value to the pedigree, our P-Typing process will also help you select the horses to sell and which ones to develop yourself. P-Type also adds value to claiming prospects. Pursue your goals, achieve your dreams; that's THT.

Q) I am thinking of buying a horse for myself or getting into a share as an investment. Does THT also evaluate these cases to help people like me make smarter investment decisions?
A) Yes we do. We can help you add value to your investment decisions with the invaluable information that comes from an Emotional Conformation evaluation. We can also pay a visit to the horse you've purchased into, inspect potential training centers to fit your individual horse's development, and help you develop training-forward protocols for mental preparedness fitted to your horse's individuality.

Q) How do I get started with THT?
A) It is very simple to get started. THT works hard to be a part of your team to help you meet your goals. We like to make it as simple as possible with three basic steps.

  1. Once your case is proposed for consideration, there is a case review process which includes a basic consultation that may or may not be in person.
  2. After your case has been reviewed a full evaluation process can be started. The amount of time needed for this is case specific and may or may not require an on-site evaluation. Some cases can be evaluated via film review if there is sufficient data.
  3. Now that a full case review is in hand, a plan of action can be shaped to fit the specific needs of your horse. THT will work directly with you or your team by consulting and/or personally assisting the progress as often as is necessary by scheduling appointment times that are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

*Having your horse graded on emotional conformation for pre-purchases and breeding only requires the first 2 of the 3 step process. Special considerations may apply.

Q) Does THT use any of its services to help rescued horses or adoptions?
A) Yes we do. At THT, we use our EthoGrade evaluation scale as a foundation to determine the emotional conformation of the equine so as to best assist the horse in transition. This includes not only the horse transitioning from career to career (as in the various stages of a sport horses' life from athlete to standing Sire or Broodmare or even retirement), but also the rescued horse up for adoption by assessing the adaptability of the horse.

There are two main features of THT Adopt-Out: (1) the process of helping horses transition from rescue through re-training; and (2) helping match the adopt-hopeful horse to the adoptee-hopeful new home by assessing and evaluating the potential home environment. (This is not unlike the assisted programs that help place children into new homes.)

Contact us for more information on how THT can help you and your horse make the transition by starting with an evaluation process. Our motto with THT Adopt-Out is "open hearts can open pastures".

Q) Is THT an asset in all sports?
A) Yes. Because the psyche is far more fragile than the body. Optimum physical training without optimum mental focus, is dancing along the edge of failure. THT has value in many areas; personal coaching the four hoofed athlete or the two footed, alone, together, any sport, from horse to tennis. For it is between the ears, that counts.