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Kerry M. Thomas


Horses do not think about tomorrow, but they do remember yesterday. Therefore anticipation is not forward thinking but rather a reactionary response to the assimilated learning process.

THT fundamentals hold that all psychotherapy work related to behavior management and stress dissemination protocols allows the horse to better manage all stress accompanying any anticipated event and the stress unavoidably linked to necessary confinements owing to certain training parameters or the process of convalescing.

  1. Proper communication leads to better management; sensory, voice & environment
  2. Learning to understand your horse requires you first understand the horse, Basic Instinct v/s Acquired Instincts
  3. Interspecies communication starts within; does knowing mean understanding
  4. How horses view the world from their sensory highway of information; vision, touch, taste, smell and emotion. (the spiritual connection)
  5. Understanding herd dynamics greatly assists in behavior management, fringe factor
  6. Lead mare as your dancing partner, understanding your place and how it works
  7. Self preservation within the basic instinct, requirements of evolutions' push forward
  8. Life within the circle, why you should approach each time, like the first time
  9. The quiet communication; Light Touch Therapy (LTT), and shrinking the equine circle
  10. Horse socialization, what makes Assimilated Imprinting* so natural
  11. Existence or co-existence; fitting into the horse's world as pet and companion
  12. Reading the Individual Horse Personality (IHP) deciphering issues from tendencies
  13. The importance of the immediate response process to the in the moment stimulus
  14. Horse convalescence; the dangers of Equine Cabin Fever (ECF), the power of Equine Stress Managment (ESM)
  15. Yes, forward thinking can impair your horse; but there's magic in Restless Eye Movement (REM) training
*Thomas Herding Technique's Assimilated Imprinting Dynamic