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Available topics include:

THT & The Corporate Herd
• Today's Entrepreneur: Are you innovative enough to take a grain of sand and turn it into a beach?
• The Herd Structure and the Business Model - Communication Keys, Chain of Command etc.,
• Understanding the Power of Emotional Communication
• Individual Responsibility, Environmental Influences & The Butterfly Affect, communicating your objective
• Identifying Individual Specialties within the Team; Not Paperwork Pedigree
• Inspirational Leadership
• Identifying what is Right before attempting to address what is Wrong
• Blending the pieces... creating environments rich in self discoveries
Classroom / Educational Business
**Field Seminars Can Be Designed
Time Estimate - 1HR to 2HR

The Thomas Herding Technique
• Power Point Presentation overview of the Thomas Herding Technique & Emotional Conformation
Classroom / Educational
Time Estimate - 90 Minutes to 2HRS

The Fabric of Life: Communication
• Emotional V/S Physical Communication: Understanding the sequence
• Stimulus: Interpretational differences between Individual & Group Herd Dynamics (IHD/GHD) The Horses Egg
• Triggers & The Principles of Adaptability: How Horses Learn
Classroom / Educational
Time Estimate - 1HR to 90 Minutes

Behavioral Overcompensations
• Physical V/S Emotional Overcompensations: Decoding the sequence
• Identifying and Addressing the Physical - Types, Causes
• Identifying and Addressing the Emotional - Triggers, Associations, Perceptions
• Anticipatory Response: Self Preservation - Tools of Survival
Classroom / Educational
Time Estimate - 1HR to 90 Minutes

Behavioral Genetic Breeding
• Concept Overview & Applications - Natural Selection; Mother Nature's Breeding Plan
• Behavioral Atavism: The Ingredients of your Recipe Who Is Playing The Game
• Behavioral Genetic Coding: The Influences of Group Herd Dynamics & Individual Herd Dynamics, who governs who and why
• Identifying the Progeny: The Natural Growth of the Foal in Nature as compared to the Foal in the Broodmare Band; impact and influence
• The Evolution of the Mind: Behavioral Genetics & Species Evolution
Classroom / Educational
Time Estimate - 90 Minutes to 2HRS

THT Retraction Training
• Breaking Apart The Puzzle: Patterns of Behavior Translate to Patterns of Motion
• Addressing Each Piece Individually
• Blending the Pieces: Using Associated Triggers & Anticipatory Responses
• Developing Individual Patterns of Motion Exercise Programs: Meet the Need
• Over-Prepare: Mental Preparation must Supersede Physical, Situational Chaos
• Time-In-Motion: The Differences between Physical Distance (speed/feet) and Psychological Distance (Pace/T.I.M.)
• The Pilot of your Ship: Emotionally Fatigued or Emotionally Focused
Classroom / Educational
Time Estimate - 90 Minutes to 2HRS

Mental Stimulus Obstacle Courses
• Why: Mental Stimulus & The Artificial Environment
• Mother Nature's Teaching Tools; Mind before Body
• Manufacturing Alternative Environments to Reach your Goals
• The Basic Foundation; Taking your Horse Back to School Layer by Layer
• Learning How To: Designs for Specific Needs & Goals
• Rhythm, Intent, Synergy: Expanding or Softening the Egg
Classroom / Educational
On-Location Field Seminars Available
Time Estimate - 90 Minutes to 2HRS

Horses & Humans; The Magic Within Emotional Wellness
• Reflective Learning Therapy: Sensory Stimulation, Emotional Reflection
• Translating Herd Dynamics & Communication into Human Wellness Therapy Programs
• Emotional Communication: The Bridge of Hope; Cultures, Species, Self
• Emotional Wellness: Horses as Mirrors
• Emotional Wellness & Physical Health: A Cohesive Synergy
• Horses as a Living Laboratory: Analogous Issues/ Synergistic Solutions
• Interactive Programs: Horse & Human Emotional Wellness Stimulus Courses, Designs for Life
• Applying Reason before Action: Understanding Environmental Stimulus, Associated Triggers and Perceptions that lead to Anticipatory Responses
• Self-Discovery: Creating Environments Rich in Self Discoveries... Life Skills & Empowerment
• Before Care, Active Care, After Care: Managing Emotional Wellness Strategies & Preparation
• When You Learn, Now You Teach: Emotional Stability Coaching, the Next Step
Classroom & Field Applications
Educational & Research/Developmental Sessions
Time Estimates - Classroom Session 90 Minutes to 2HRS
Field Sessions - Undetermined/Situational

Micro-Facial Expression Analysis: Film to Profile
• Patterns of Motion
• Identifying Anticipatory Response Triggers
• Applications for Training
Classroom/ Educational
Time Estimate - 1HR to 90 Minutes

Horse Profiling; The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes
• Book Based Lecture: Book Signing
Event Based / Educational
Time Estimate - 1+HR Per Event

The Human Project / Motivational For People
• Life As A Human Being
• Perception V/S Reality
• Communication Break-Down: Emotional Communication
• Where Do I Fit, in this Chain of Life
• The Positive Nature of Ripple Postulation
• The Power of Emotion; How You Think Matters, the Butterfly Affect
• Accountability V/S Apathy: How Information is Delivered, Affects how Information is Received; Hold That Door!
• Expanding the Secret World Within: Closing the Gap Between the Highs & the Lows... Situational Thinking
• Life Skills: Endeavor to be Understanding, Before you Seek to be Understood
Classroom Inspirational / Educational / Fun
Time Estimate - 1HR to 2HRS

* NOTE: All Lecture times are estimated and can be altered to fit a particular need. Most of the lectures can be given on-line upon request and are available for private coaching needs. The above is intended as an introductory outline only; content may be added or altered dependent on circumstances and time.
For pricing, availability and to schedule, please contact our office or Email