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...A place to keep in touch with me and get first-hand input on your equine queries! Each month (as time and scheduling allow!), I will choose one question to post along with my answer.

When submitting your question, please include your name and address. If your question is chosen to be published, you will receive a signed copy of the THT 15 along with a THT Hoof Stamp decal. So go ahead, toss it my way!


I was hoping that you might elaborate a little more on your thoughts in the area of Emotional Conformation as it pertains to training and breeding horses, social structures.
- University Professor/Researcher

I have always found interesting the concept of triggers, habits, bad behavior, even the consideration of variable degrees/forms of addiction in horses. I was wondering then, what your point of view might be in regards to these things.
- Carter Stanton, Indiana/USA

A good friend of mine and I have been considering options in regards to a re-shuffling of her stable. Does she focus on developing the "herd" with a new stallion/sire for breeding, or keep a few sires and find a few good girls?
- Maria Cruz-Santiago, Argentina

What are the psychological differences from setting a pace and training for, or obtaining, a certain speed?
- Mr. Weld, European Thoroughbred Industry

"Can EthoGrade help determine if my horse has hit a mental wall or if we need to tweak his training program so his mental capacity can match his physical ability?"
- Anonymous Thoroughbred Owner, Versailles, Kentucky

"How can I reassure an off-track thoroughbred that racing is done, and they can relax now?"
- Vivian Rowe, Kentucky

"How does a horse understand the concept of distance and comprehend his own pace?"
- Top 250 Trainer/USA

"Is wearing blinkers on the track an impediment to a race horse in the long run?"
- Martha Meyers, England

Addressing some common questions regarding Light Touch Therapy.

"Is THT's investigative style used during Light Touch Therapy sessions?"
- Rebecca, San Diego, California

"Do horses suffer emotionally when housed in a stall during inclement weather?"
- Barry, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Is it good or bad to separate our younger horses into youth groups at an early age?"
- Joanne, Southeastern United States

"My horses seem at ease pretty much all the time; does this mean they have no stress issues?"
- Anonymous, Canberra, New South Wales Australia