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Kerry & HRH Princess Alia Discuss Equine Athletes

Kerry at The Royal Stables, Amman Jordan, sharing with HRH Princess Alia some thoughts on Emotional Conformation Profiling and how we use this to develop "compartmentalized" training for the individual equine athlete.


Kerry Profiling An Arabian Horse In Amman, Jordan

Kerry M. Thomas at The Royal Stables in Amman, Jordan doing an Emotional Conformation Profile for Her Royal Highness Princess Alia on the lovely Arabian Hlayyil Ramadan.

Kerry Interviewed On The Ramsey Show

John Ramsey, host of The Ramsey Show for NBC Wave 3 in Louisville Kentucky, interviews Kerry about his new book, Horse Profiling; The Secret To Motivating Equine Athletes and discusses Kerry's unique seminar presentations that include THT & The Corporate Herd.

Kerry With Kentucky Derby-Winning Trainer, John Shirreffs

Thomas Herding Technique founder Kerry M. Thomas introduces THT's EthoGrade to Kentucky Derby-winning trainer John Shirreffs.

Kerry Explains THT's EthoGrade

Kerry M. Thomas, founder of Thomas Herding Technique, explains THT's EthoGrade with a brief viewing of a part of the evaluation process. EthoGrade is an Equine Psychoanalysis Behavior/Potential Assessment Gradient Scale that is a staple of nearly all THT processes.

Kerry With Thoroughbred Horse Trainer, Bob Baffert

Thomas Herding Technique Founder, Kerry M. Thomas, discussing THT's herd dynamics and their impact on racing with one of the world's most successful Thoroughbred Horse Trainers, Mr. Bob Baffert.